The value in creating Facebook groups for business

The reason why you would build groups is that it helps build reputation.  Facebook groups enable you to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area. If you remain an active member of the group community, your opinion will be valued and sought. As you build relationships with others immersed in the same field, you can increase your thought leadership and gain brand recognition.

More in Media published an engaging article on this exact subject:   their conclusion is that it takes some months of being on Facebook before truly understanding the value of Facebook Groups but ultimately you should join because Facebook Groups let you find and connect with people of similar minds and likes or dislikes.

Are you a Lion or a sheep? Yes, that’s the question and perhaps a more compelling argument. It was one posted by it commented that a Facebook group needs strong leadership and clear direction if you want it to succeed. If you act like a sheep, the herd might follow you for a moment and then lose interest or move in a different direction. Launching a successful Facebook group is a definite art. A very thought provoking point that hints you get out of Facebook groups what you put into them.

Using Facebook groups can add value to your programs, but like all good things, it takes time. If you have enough time to nurture the group it’s great but you will not get any short term results, unless the group has active members. It takes time to build relationship between the members of the group. Once that is achieved then the group become an invaluable one.

Are you ready to own it and take the plunge to own your business social groups?  At the moment, I reckon you’re a sheep, following the rest; you need to get out there and drive your social community groups by filtering and targeting the most relevant people. The results will surprise you.


Article by Chris

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