What Do The Three Top Facebook Fan Pages Have In Common?

Not surprisingly, the top three fan pages on Facebook are, you guessed it: Facebook, Facebook and Facebook! In fact, Facebook’s top fan page alone has over 527 million fans! Clearly, this company knows how to market itself, using all the tools and tricks at its disposal.

But those same tools are available to each and every one of you for use in developing your own successful fan page. It is simply a matter of learning how to use those tools and techniques in the most advantageous way. You can take a lesson in this from Facebook itself.

Fan Pages Are for Marketing

Fan pages are, first and foremost, marketing pages. They are designed to draw attention to the brand, i.e., you, your product or company. If you take a look at Facebook’s fan pages (the top three are Facebook, Facebook for Every Phone, and Facebook Sales Germany), you will see they, and all high ranking fan pages, have certain things in common. You could learn a great deal by going to those fan pages and studying them closely.

All good fan pages implement certain proven techniques that are the key to their success. It is no accident that Facebook for Every Phone has over 527 MILLION fans or that Facebook Germany has 165 million. They create an interest to draw readers to them using common marketing strategies that work.


Focus on Their Fans

One of these strategies is that they make you, the reader, feel like you matter to them! All effective fan pages do this. Whether it is Lady Gaga, Outlander or The Smithsonian Institute, the fan page contains material of interest to all of its fans: updates and teasers, quizzes, lots of related photos and a place for fans to comment. They even throw in the occasional contest or free drawing.


They Make the Fans Feel Important

Yes. A good fan page conveys a genuine interest in its followers. It solicits their opinions. That personalizes it! That means YOU matter! It knows you are eager to get the latest scoop on what is going on in its world: When you can expect the next tour; when the latest book in the series will be released; how to solve the latest glitch in the system. Whatever it is, the focus is on YOU. That invites fan loyalty and more and more fans to the site.


It Offers Something Unique

It’s not the same old; same old. When a fan goes to a good fan site it is because they know they will find information and material there that will catch their interest. It will be unique and fun. It will be meaningful to each and every fan and supporter of that brand. It will make them feel a part of the whole, the experience offered by that star, writer, business or activity that gives them a personal connection.

It takes a lot of thought and analysis to create a fan page that works at drawing people in as do these top three fan pages. But if you turn on your creative juices and draw on the best examples, you too can have such a fan page!

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